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Canada Student Visa Fees :

For Indian students looking to study abroad, Canada is one of their top choices. The Canadian Immigration Department approved 54.3% (470,427) of the 866,206 study permit applications that Canadian universities and institutions accepted between January 1, 2022, and April 30, 2023. The number of students in Canada holding study permits has increased three times in the last ten years, from 300,000 in 2013 to nearly 900,000 this year.

Canada typically grants study visas to recipients based on their length of study. The closest VFS office should be used to apply for a student visa to Canada, and the cost of the visa must be paid using the current currency rate, which is periodically set by the high commissioners. It’s crucial for overseas students studying in Canada to abide by the conditions of their study permits and to keep their online account information current.

Fees for a Student Visa to Canada in Indian Rupees

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the cost of a study visa to Canada is CAD 150. This fee just covers the visa; it does not account for any other services the applicant may need. As of right now, the Canadian Embassy has determined that this cost in India is INR 9,260.

The price of a student visa for Canada is subject to change at any time and must be paid in cash or with a credit card when the study visa application is submitted at the VFS facility. Additionally, applicants might choose to pay the cost online. Another option for paying the charge is to send a demand draft made payable to the High Commission of Canada.

The application price for a Canada student visa, paid in any way, is non-refundable, and the candidate must save the payment receipt safely in case it becomes necessary as proof of payment at a later date.

Fees for a Canada Student Visa: Biometric Price

In 2018, the Canadian High Commission began accepting biometrics as an extra layer of protection. Candidates with study visas must schedule a time to provide their biometrics, which include a photo and all ten fingers’ fingerprints. Individual biometric fees currently stand at 5,255 INR (85 CAD internationally).

How Can an Indian Student Get a Study Visa for Canada?

The applicant must pay the requisite money and submit a completed application to the nearest VFS office in India to receive a study visa for Canada. The following lists the prerequisites for an Indian student’s student visa to Canada.

An offer letter from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada is required for the applicant. The first semester or year of tuition must be paid after admission is confirmed to obtain the letter of confirmation.

Tests of English proficiency or standardized assessments such as PTE or IELTS are accepted in Canada if the institution has documentation proving the student met the minimum score requirement.

additional standardized test scores—SAT, GMAT, LSAT, and so forth—that are required for the course.

A GIC deposit certificate worth 20,635 CAD (12.75 lakh INR) or general category proof demonstrating liquid cash to cover the fee and living expenses is needed to demonstrate financial eligibility under the SDS scheme.

A record of the medical examination, a police clearance certificate (if necessary), and academic transcripts from prior educational records.

passport-size photos that meet the high commission’s requirements.

A well-written statement outlining the rationale for the choice of the specific program, organization, nation, and short- and long-term goals for the future.

Indian Students’ Application for a Student Visa to Canada

Indian students have two options for applying for a student visa to Canada: offline or online. Digital copies of all supporting documents should be prepared before submitting the online application since they must be submitted to finish the visa application. The application still requires the applicant to make an appointment and provide their biometrics, even if the fee can be paid online. Applying for a student visa to Canada online is substantially quicker than doing it offline.

The applicant must fill out the necessary forms to submit an offline application for a student visa to Canada. The form also contains personal data, family data, and, if applicable, an agent representation form. The completed application for a student visa to Canada, along with all original documentation, must be deposited at the closest VFS office along with the required payment, which can be made with cash or a demand draft. In this instance as well, biometrics must be provided only after requesting an appointment in advance. In every situation, a tracking tool for visa applications is offered by the high commission or the VFS.

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