How much it actually costs to study in Canada?

How much it actually costs to study in Canada

Canada is one of the most demanding study-abroad destinations among international students, especially for Indian students.

In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada invited 638,380 international students to study in various provinces and later offered study permits to 621,565 overseas students in 2021.

The country is known for its advanced education system, prestigious universities, vibrant cities, and well-organized lifestyle.

Students planning to study in Canada can choose from a range of programs offered at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels and can also apply for work after completing their course.

 So how much does it cost to study in Canada? Let’s find out.

The total cost of studying abroad consists of different expenses, including pre-arrival and post-arrival costs.

And before making any decision on applying for a program in any college or university, it is suggested that students make a budget for all the possible expenses that they might incur.

Like any other foreign country, the tuition fee cost in Canada is also high, but it is affordable compared to other popular countries. Below is an overview of the total cost of studying in Canada for international students.

The cost of studying in Canada can be divided into two phases:

Pre-Arrival Expenses

The first phase of expenses covers

  • Fees for language proficiency and other subject-specific tests.
  • Application fee for applying to Canadian universities and colleges.
  • Payments made to arrange the proof for the cost of studying and living in Canada.
  • Payment for the Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) to study in Quebec. (if required)
  • Application fee for a study permit.
  • Payment for medical tests.
  • Cost of Flight tickets.

Post-Arrival Expenses

The second phase of expenses begins once the student reaches Canada and includes the following:

Cost of tuition fee

The cost of tuition varies from institute to institute and depends on the duration of the course. Tuition fee for the majority of Canadian universities ranges from $11,000 to $52,000.


There are several options for accommodation for students in Canada.

They can either be on-campus in the housing facility provided by their institute or choose an accommodation under their budget in the surrounding areas. 

On-campus: The apartments are well-furnished and cost around CAD 2,000 – CAD 4000 per annum.

Off-campus: Students living in private housing will have to pay for extra expenses like electricity, Wi-Fi, utensils, furniture, etc., which cost around CAD 3000- CAD 4000 annually.

Note: The accommodation cost depends on the city a student chooses to live in. For instance, the rent for apartments in the urban area will be high compared to the rent students pay for living in the rural region.


On average, a student spends around CAD 600 and CAD 800 for food and other related items. 


Traveling from one region to another costs around CAD 30 to CAD 150, depending on the type of conveyance a student opts for traveling. 

Other expenses

Lastly, students have to pay for some miscellaneous expenses, including phone, internet, entertainment, shopping, etc.

Based on the expenses discussed above, the table represents the estimated cost of payments that a student has to pay:

Types of ExpensesCost
Tuition Fees$11,000-$50,000
IELTS$ 244
Application Fee$30-$500
Embassy Fee$50
Medical$100- $135
Purchase of GIC$10,000
Visa Fees$ 150
Living Expenses$12,000 -$16,000

Studying abroad is an investment that lets students enhance their skills and knowledge at a global level, paving the path to great career options.

In order to get a better idea of the expenses based on the academic institute you plan to apply for, connect with our experts today!

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