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Why study in Canada 2023

If you are planning to go to study in Canada in 2023, Here you can read the most reasons to study in Canada.  Canada has emerged as a prime location for higher education. 

Many Canadian universities are present in international rankings and a recent education plan set by the Ministry of education put their focus on increasing the number of foreign students.

This clearly indicates that international students coming from any part of the world are now more than welcome in Canada so no wonder international students love to start their further study in Canada or visit for higher education in Canada.

The Canadian government’s detailed educational plan encourages international students to pursue part-time jobs during their undergraduate (UG) or Post Graduate programs (PG) or students can remain in the country for work opportunities after completion of their studies.

Why Study in Canada 2023?

The moment of your life when you are preparing for the future may be both terrifying and thrilling. There are so many options and avenues to choose from. To get more and more exposure and experience, Many students choose to study abroad.

Out of all the many choices available to international students, Canada has become the prime destination and first priority for international students. Here you will read the good reasons to choose Canada for study. 

1. Live in a bilingual environment

Canada is a bilingual country, Which makes studying here an excellent opportunity to develop your language skills and enhance your prospects for bright career opportunities.

International students have to do coursework in French and English is an integral part of Canada’s education system, Which enriches its cultural and community life.

2. Benefit from a world-class education

Canadian college and university diploma courses are recognized around the world. The Canadian education system encourages cross-disciplinary and the development of transferable skills like critical thinking, teamwork, communication, team handling and focus on cutting-edge technology and digital media. 

Five Canadian universities ranked in the top 100 best universities the in 2018 according to the times higher education world university rankings.

3. Gain work experience in Canada after you graduate

The Canadian government offers a work program to international students who have obtained a diploma from a post-secondary school in Canada and looking to gain work experience. 

This is an excellent way to continue to stay in Canada while diversifying and developing your professional skills and experience.

4. Ride Canada’s tech wave

Telecommunications, Digital media, biotech and aeronautical engineering, Canada is very strong in technological advancement. Canada was the first country to link its school and libraries to the internet through its innovative School Net program. 

It is therefore not surprising that nearly 90% of Canadian households are connected to the internet. In fact, according to a study by Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), Canadian rank on the 2nd position in the world for the average number of hours spent online per user (41.3 hours per month).

Canada is in 2nd position among G8 countries in terms of internet penetration. WIFI is accessible anywhere in Canada. 

Montreal has launched an initiative to provide free wi-fi across the city. Staying in touch with your loved ones will be simple by using WIFI or internet.

5. Enjoy excellent quality of life

According to the QS World University Rankings, three Canadian cities, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, made the list of top 50 student cities.

The ranking was based on several criteria, including affordability, the diversity of the student population and the employment perception of graduates in the job market.

Canada provides excellent quality of life, with a cost of living (eg, housing, transportation, tuition) that is lower than other countries, such as the US, France and the UK and provides safety, stability and respect for the rights of individuals and communities.

6. Have an enriching cultural experience

Canada has a highly diverse population, resulting in a rich vibrant cultural scene. Visit every province in Canada to get a feel for what each has to offer. Below we recommend experiences that should not be missed.

Enjoy the sounds of the Montreal International Jazz Festival: A must for music lovers, this world-renowned event brings together over 3000 artists from 30 countries every year. For the 1000 performances offered, more than 2 million festival guests swarm the city’s streets.

Don a pair of cowboy boots for the Calgary Stampede: Over 1 million people visit the Calgary Stampede each year, one of the biggest outdoor rodeos in the world.

In the space of just a few weeks, the city becomes one big party, with us residents dressed as cowboys, its building and storefronts decorated with a western flair, and barbecue and pancake breakfasts served everywhere.

Take in a hockey match: Hockey is to Canada and soccer is to Europe. It is more than a national sport, it is practically a religion in Canada. Canada has seven hockey teams (Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Tronto, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa).

If you truly experience the frenzy over hockey, you have to watch a match during the playoffs, Which generally take place around May.

Indulge in some poutine: The perfect blend of French fries, Gravy and cheese curd is a treat enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, at any time of day or night. Several Canadian cities even hold an annual poutine week.

Visit a sugar shack: Mid-March to mid-April is the sugaring off-season in Quebec When sap also called maple water is harvested to make maple syrup. If you want to sample all sorts of treats made with this wonderful product, nothing beats a visit to a sugar shack, a festive place to eat, dance and put on a few pounds.

7. Discover the country’s natural beauty

Canada is an extremely vast country: Its surface area is 14 times larger than that of France. It offers a multitude of magnificent landscapes that can be explored throughout the country’s four distinct seasons.

Many Canadians complain about the country’s harsh winters. But the cold season provides an opportunity for dedicated skiers and ice skaters to practice their sport in majestic surroundings.

Some of the most picturesque places to visit include the unspoiled beaches of Prince Edward Island, the magnificent fjords of the Saguenay and the Perce Rock of the Gaspe in Quebec, the fascinating Rockies and Lake Louise in Alberta, Niagara Falls in Ontario, Jasper National Park in Alberta, and Whistler Mountain in British Columbia. The natural splendor of Canada is unmatched, encompassing the coast, mountains, prairies, and woodlands.

For international students, very few places offer the advantages that Canada does. Canada is first priority of international students to study in 2023. Its universities, among the best in the world, are at the heart of its rich and diverse culture.

Canada is a country with an excellent standard of living and where there are many opportunities to get some experience in your field of study. As a bilingual, safe and welcoming place, Canada won’t disappoint students who are looking to broaden their horizons.

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